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Hi Walter,

I have thought about your philosophical/aesthetic ideas....One could examine and contemplate such thoughts for eternity, they are so deep and wide, and your assertions so provocative.

It is interesting to me that you charge your latest architecture with the task of soaring above and beyond and ultimately severing from the prosaic, the historic, the expected, the foundational, the preceding, on to the future. Are we humans capable of stripping away all that went before? Do we want to? Do we want to lay our heads where our minds and imaginations take us by day and in dreams, or do we want to revert for rest, security, and comfort, to what we've known? I don't know.

It's interesting to me that your declaration of architectural philosophy isn't acknowledging political, religious, social, psychological influences on the cities our species has planned and built, on domiciles, on workplaces through the ages.

I think your art, augmented by philosophical delving, expanded by the kind of contemplative travel that has distinguished your reporting, deserves a presentation in keeping with NOW and consists with your observations that architecture shouldn't remain mired in the past, but should rather reflect the ever expanding knowledge man is seeking and gaining. Why 1998 technology to depict this sweep of ideas and the material representations thereof? I would love to see your website speak with swirls and zoom in and out, even sing! ....2021 technology.


Hi Sue,

Thank you for your very thoughtful and magnanimous response for my writings in my webpages. You seem to really get at the tug of war I have always had between my love of understanding the history of architecture and my desire to try, and be part of its future. I have always enjoyed working on historic buildings, as well as trying to figure out what the future may look like.